How to put drops in your cat's ears

Our vet Dr Matt takes your through an easy, step-by-step method of how to put drops in your cat's ears. Ear infections in cats are not overly common, however they may occasionally be caused by ear mites, allergies and. We take you through a simple, step-by-step method of how to apply drops to your cat's ears.

How to check your cat's ears at home

Cats with ear infections will typically scratch at their infected ear/ears and shake their head regularly throughout the day. You can get a general idea of whether or not your cat may have an issue with their ears by looking for:
     • redness or inflammation of the ears     
     • discharge from the ears     
     • smell coming from the ears (healthy ears have no real odour)
     • pain when touching the ears

Video: How to put drops in your cat's ears

Dr Matt from the PetHealthClub takes you trough an easy, step-by-step method of how to put drops down your cat's ears.

Restrain your cat appropriately – this can include having you cat sit on your lap, sit quietly on a bench or have somebody help hold your cat.
Lift and hold the ear flap between thumb and forefinger of your non preferred hand.
With your preferred hand, take the ear drops and apply correct amount of medicine into opening of ear. Be sure to place the drops into the actual canal.
Massage the side of your cat’s head just below the ear and you should hear a squelching sound. Massage for at least 10 seconds to spread the drops well.
Wipe away any excess liquid on the outside of the ear with a tissue.
Repeat for other ear if required and always remember to wipe the tip of the ear drops in between ears so no bugs are transferred from one ear to the other.

Always remember to make it a positive experience for your cat

by giving them a treat immediately after applying the drops!
And remember to give the drops for as long
and as often as prescribed by your vet.

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